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AcuityPoint: reveal is a dynamic reporting solution for Fire and EMS departments. Accessible from the office or field, the reveal module captures critical incident details and provides detailed reporting for strategic planning. Our leading-edge reporting capabilities allow for ad hoc reports and in-depth trend analysis for a variety of requirements.

AcuityPoint: reveal offers:

  • Customizable reports for multi-criteria inquiries
  • User preference displays in list, graph and map formats
  • Import and export functionality for seamless data transfer to secondary business applications
  • Web-based for accessibility anywhere using PCs or handheld units
  • Web access provides quick response time and
    on-the-fly, custom reports
  • User-specific security access protects sensitive data and streamlines processes
  • User-intuitive application provides comprehensive incident details in one screen including: timestamps, GPS unit history, maps, locations and crew member assignment
  • Wide date range criteria for quick reference
  • In-depth data mining to isolate platoons of specific call types. Sample query: "Is there a difference in how fast we respond to a possible overdose versus a suspected cardiac arrest, or a garbage bin fire versus a residental fire?"
  • Trend capabilities to compare time periods in series of days, weeks, months and years
  • Compatible with all dispatch and roster solutions
  • No maintenance or setup costs. Pricing models include customization time
  • Flexible modular pricing and payment options