With our 21 years of Fire/EMS experience,
AcuityPoint: inControl is a robust public safety dispatch system.

AcuityPoint: inControl is built in direct collaboration with dispatchers, allowing dispatchers to respond to critical situations, quickly and with precision.

inControl matches the user's workflow and saves in critical response time. Our solutions are extremely reliable with built-in security safeguards.

AcuityPoint: inControl offers:

  • Fully customizable workflow to match EMS departments' calltaking and dispatching process
  • Acknowledgement messages and data prompts to prevent user errors
  • Multiple monitor capability for comprehensive data viewing and quick scanning
  • Real time screen and action display
  • Multiple calltaker and dispatcher configurations
  • Can be interfaced to CAD systems, E911 systems, GPS/AVL systems and station alerting systems
  • Built for independent and combined Fire and EMS operations
  • Mouse/keyboard coordinated for ease of use
  • Flexible modular pricing and payment options